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So you have finally decided on the auto shipping company that you are going to use for shipping your prize possession! There is information that every auto shipping company will require from you. Here are some of things that most vehicle shipping companies recommend before your vehicle is picked up by the auto carrier:

Provide a full set of keys for the shipping driver – door keys, trunk keys, ignition keys, etc.

Make sure you have two sets of keys for your vehicle. Have one for yourself and one for the auto shipping carrier.  You want to make sure that you won’t lose access to your car during the shipping. real money craps app

It is advisable to change as some of the car fluids prior to the auto shipping carrier arriving; you won’t know how your vehicle will react to its new destination, so make sure that everything is good to go.

Retract or remove antennas prior to the shipping company picking up your vehicle.

To lover the weight of your vehicle, make sure that your gas tank is only ¼ full at most before the auto shipping carrier arrives.

Check your battery prior to the auto shipping carrier arriving to make sure it’s fully charged and secured.

You do not want to have any garbage in your car during shipment. It’s a great idea to clean your vehicle thoroughly prior to the auto shipping carrier arriving.

Check every place you can for leaks prior to the auto shipping company picking up your vehicle. win palace casino euro french

The shipping company can’t guarantee that all your items that you might decide to leave in your vehicle will be safe. So it is recommended that remove all personal items from your vehicle before shipment. The auto shipping company is neither legally responsible nor liable for any items that get lost or misplaced during auto shipping, so to make your shipment go as smooth as possible it’s a good idea to make sure there is nothing in the vehicle prior to auto shipping.

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