Q: Do you guarantee that my vehicle will be picked up and delivered in the time that I need it to?

A: No.  Unfortunately we can’t guarantee anything.  We do our best to get your vehicle picked up in the time frame that you need it done. Since we do not own the trucks, we do not control the schedule.  There are many factors involved, such as weather, traffic, slower than expected stops, and other delays that can happen. There are 9 other schedules that carriers have to work with, so picking your schedule is very difficult.

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Q: When do I pay a deposit and how can I pay?

A: A deposit isn’t required until we have a carrier scheduled to pick up your vehicle and the remaining balance is due to the driver on delivery with cash/cashiers check/money order.  We do offer an option of paying no money until the delivery of your vehicle.  This option is an additional $50, but does offer piece of mind. See terms & conditions #10 for more on paying on delivery.  All deposits can be paid by check over the phone, check by mail, or online credit card payment.


Q: Can I put any household items in the car during transit?

A: No. Federal regulations state that carriers are not licensed to ship household items.  However, some carriers do allow up to 50lbs of towels, clothes, and any other non-breakable items.  Carrier are not responsible nor insured for lost or stolen items, so you must ship these items at your own risk. If you need to ship items in your car, please check with your driver ahead of time to see if it’s okay. Some drivers can charge you an extra cost for the added weight.


Q: Are you or the carriers insured?

A: We check all carriers before we schedule them to transport your vehicle.  A common misconception is that carriers carry $1,000,000 in insurance towards your vehicle.  This is not true.  This million dollar insurance is for their liability insurance.   Carriers’ cargo insurance usually range from $150,000 to $350,000, depending on the carrier.


Q: How long does it take for my car to be shipped?

A: The amount of time a vehicle is in transit really depends on the carrier company. Some companies will have two drivers on the trip to cut time in half. There can be delays while a carrier is picking up and/or dropping off other vehicles. A good rule of thumb is that carriers average about 350 miles per day.

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