Once you place an order with us, we take your info and put it on our load board, which is viewed by over 5000 carriers across the country.  We take calls from carriers to schedule loads and we also make calls to carriers to get your vehicle picked up.

In most cases, we find that we are able to schedule a driver to pick up your vehicle(s) within 3 business days. slots machine

How much?
It depends on the size of your vehicle and where it’s going.  Our quotes are just estimates of what we feel the vehicle can and will get picked up for.  If you haven’t gotten a quote from us yet, please call us at 877-285-4708 or click here fill out the quote form on our site. real gamble online

When do I pay?

Here is what differentiates us from most brokers.  You have two options:

  1. Pay a deposit once we have a carrier scheduled to pick up your vehicle and the remaining balance to the carrier on delivery. 
We can’t tell you when you’re car will be picked up until we have a carrier scheduled.  We don’t expect you to pay for something you don’t have yet.
  2. Pay the entire balance to the driver on delivery ($50 additional fee).
 Safe Cargo Auto Transport realizes that you are paying a lot of money and putting a lot of trust in our company.  Knowing that you have given up hundreds of dollars along with your vehicle can be a hard thing.  This option is great for those who wish to see their vehicle at the delivery location prior to paying any money.


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